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Our family cookbook, available to order


This cookbook contains an Italian-American family's recipes that have been used through the years and passed on from one generation to another. From everyday meals to special and memorable holiday celebrations, this book will introduce you to the delicious foods from the southern Italian regions of Basilicata and Calabria and others that evolved as the family adapted to the American way of life.  


With over 100 easy to prepare recipes from antipasti, pasta, and soup to main dishes and desserts you too can create your own versions of these delicious foods. Photos from the southern Italian regions are an added bonus to look at as you prepare your own wonderful meals.  


The mother/son team of Bonnie and Kevin Martino have taken the development of these recipes to another level that will allow any aspiring cook to make your own version and to create your own memories that good food brings to all of us. Food nourishes us…it makes us happy…it brings us together…it leaves us with wonderful memories…it allows us to be creative…it helps us celebrate special holidays…and so much more. This cookbook is their way of sharing with you, in the recipes, some of the joys that they have encountered through the years…and hopefully, some of the best food you will prepare in your lifetime. Simple, tasty and wonderful to make…and eat!


As celebrity TV chef Nick Stellino remarked, “I haven’t seen some of these recipes in a long time. This cookbook is priceless.”

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